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Central Florida Medical and Chiropractic Center

Physiotherapist With Patient In RehabilitationThe Central Florida Medical and Chiropractic Center specializes in providing effective, surgical or non-surgical care to help eliminate patients’ pain and empower them to live healthy, pain-free lives. Our goal in caring for our patients is fast, effective pain relief, improved functioning, and enhanced quality of life.

Automobile Accidents

If you have recently been in an automobile accident, it is very important to get evaluated by a doctor, ideally within a two-week period. This is to avoid permanent loss to your spinal range of motion which can occur while healing from a strain/sprain. In our office we carefully monitor your spine to ensure that it is moving properly during the healing process and that it stays moving after you’ve healed. This can help to prevent chronic neck pain and back pain.


Quality Care to End Pain

We offer comprehensive, quality care for patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain due to a specific physical condition or injury. By getting to the cause of your physical problems and not simply dealing with symptoms, we can help you sustain a pain-free life and achieve optimal results in functioning and performance. With our specialized, multidisciplinary approach to your care, from chiropractic physicians to orthopedic surgeons you can be assured of prompt, noticeable improvement in your physical well-being and quality of life.